We are a fully equiped and intergrated flat knitting operating organization offering the following services.




We ensure that our customers designs are produced according to their desire, therefore Stoll; M1 plus and Shima Seiki; Apex 3 programming systems are used.



The devices used to produce our products, are computerized flat knitting machines from Stoll/Reutlingen and Shima Seiki/ Japan. The range of our machine gauges is between E1,5 to E15



Industrial laundry services,ironing and pressing area with steam tables are included.

Espicially for cashmere products.



This is the finishing area where the products are controlled before shipping them to our clients.

The clothing machinery popularly applied at our sewing department are,looping machines for E8 and E16 linking machines)



We also offer delivery services for you in pleasure, including enterprise resource planning and customs clearance.



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