Bache is an operating family runned textile production organization passed from generations to generations. It was first founded in 1927 by Otto Bache in Apolda/Thüringen, the former well known german knitting factory.




His son Rudolf took over the organization in 1958/1959 during the DDR period. The knitting organization was then changed into a cooperation.


Grandson Dieter joined the family business as the managing director and transformed it into a widely known production and manufaturing organization in germany and the entire europe. In 1975 he moved the entire factory at its current operating place and city Rheinberg, Germany. He then introduced the commonly known women clothing label "Strick Bache" which was famous in Rheinberg and beyond.



Imagefilm of 1992:


Dipl.-Ing. Thorsten Bache took over the knitting- mill in 2005 and transformed the individual company into a GmbH. It is managed under the name "Bache Innovative".


In 2006 the production techniques for "total seamless-products" was established.

Meanwhile, the operating capacity of the machines comprises of 19 computerized flat knitting machines.


The production department is currently being expanded in the technical knitted textiles sector. Opening at the new building in may 2015.



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